?Time flies but memories don?t.? I?m very grateful to Discover Bharat tours team to add a cherished experience to the treasure of my memories. Since very long I was longing for a trip to India but I was worried about arranging the trip and that was the main reason for our delay in making the trip. And then we found Discover Bharat, everything became so easy after that, we just told their team about our destinations and our itinerary was ready like in just one night. We still feel that our 12 day trip ended quite fast. All services were excellent, Miss Bharti was always available for all queries, hotels were fine, car and the driver too were good. We recommend Discover Bharat to all searching for reliable travel experts.


United Kingdom

Recenetly my fionce and I came back from trip to India wich was very important to us. Mrs Bharti Pathak was the one that made all of our plans come true. Nothing we asked for was a problem, she arranged everything in few minutes. She was always available and took care of us as we were her family.
Our driver Surender is the most beautiful soul we met, always on time, always ready to help or give advice.
Our itinerary for the trip ended with sentence ‘come back home from India with sweet memories’, and thanks to these two people we actually did!


Tanja Miric

United Kingdom


I had booked for India tour through your company for Punjab and Himachal Pradesh through your manager Bharti Pathak. I would like to express my satisfaction towards your company as the 8-night tour arranged by Bharti Pathak, our coordinator was really good and we all are very satisfied with your staff service provided. She is a very professional and a very hard working person and she coordinated with us from the day we booked our tour till the end of it (2nd August 2015). Her dedication to our tour program made our journey so easy and memorable. She is very detailed on each and every specification and took care of our requirements. I wish her all success in her life and more power to her. We would definitely recommend your company to others as it is one of the best company to be used for travelling around India. Special Thanks to Miss Bharti Pathak for making our journey so wonderful.



Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Initially, Thank you so much Discover Bharat Tour Specially to Bharati. I was thinking to plan Nainital but due my short holidays, I choose KASHMIR TOUR ( Bharati’s recommendation). I am very much delighted to let you know that I and my wife truly enjoyed our trip. This is our first tour with Discover Bharat Tour and the experience and treatment we received was awesome & remarkable. This tour was really a memorable experience for me and my wife as this was our first tour after marriage. We have decided that henceforth, we would plan all our trips with Discover Bharat Tour only and with same tour adviser. I would specially like to appreciate Tour adviser Miss. Bharati for their efforts for making this trip so much enjoyable and successful. The car and driver which you provided was really good. Thank you Discover Bharat Tour. Looking forward for many such amazing trips with you.



United Kingdom

The trip we took thanks to Bharat Tours in Kashmir went according to plan. They were very helpful and matched our needs with the appropriate solutions ! I appreciated their professionalism as they were always reachable and took the care during the trip to check on us, to see that everything was alright. Though we only asked them to arrange for a car and driver they did so with good spirit and I would definitely consult them again for a further Indian trip


Paris, France

A big thanks We really enjoyed your planned trip. Thanks for the cake and followers, my daughter really liked it. Excellent way of your plan and personal touch . I have never seen a tour operator like you , you is in contact each and everyday of your trip. God bless you Make you a very successful person. Hope you get well soon See you soon in Delhi.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates